Expert Support and Training

Expert Support and Training



Access NexGenSolutions services from within Autodesk® Fusion 360™. Our mission is to help you bridge the gap from CAD to CAM to CNC and beyond.


NexGen Services:

  1. Access support by initiating a support case, checking the progress of previous cases, or submitting post-processor requests.
  2. Talk to an Expert by initiating a phone call, sending us an email, or filling out a contact form.
  3. Become an expert by checking out our video library, registering for one of our live classes, or submitting a request for custom training on-site or online

Keep an eye out for updates within the app as we unveil new features.

Follow us to stay up-to-date on all the new things happening with The Experts at NexGenSolutions.


版本 1.0.0, 2023/5/4
Initial Version. Features: Initiate Case View Case Status Request Post Processor Modification Register for Classes Request Custom Training Purchase Autodesk® Fusion 360™ Extensions, and check out other offerings from NexGenSolutions Call NexGenSolutions Email NexGenSolutions Access Video Library Visit Our Website



4 评论
  • No Mac Support
    Mike Swartz | 七月 16, 2023 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    I wish it was available for our mac users.

    Fusion F360 (发布者) | 七月 17, 2023

    Good Morning Mike, We are in the works of releasing V2 of this app that will have support for MAC.

  • Helpful and Quick Support
    Umair Riyas | 一月 19, 2023

    NexGen's team gives me great advise and are very responsive to my needs. Excellent download. 

  • Great way to get what I need
    Andy Barney | 十一月 01, 2022 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    Love this quick and easy way to reach out to NexGenCAM to get all my F360 needs met. Good job guys!!!

  • Awesome Plug-In
    Phil Brown | 九月 19, 2022 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    This App has allowed me to quickly referance the resorces I need to complete projects in a timely manner.