EOSPRINT for Autodesk® Fusion 360™

EOSPRINT for Autodesk® Fusion 360™

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The EOSPRINT for Autodesk® Fusion 360® App enables Fusion 360 users to assign individual EOS Material Sets and Exposure Sets. The App applies the original hatching algorithms of EOSPRINT and links Fusion 360 to multiple EOS Systems over the network and can send tasks directly to the selected 3D printer. 


To help with your Additive Setup, this app has the functionality to access all EOS Material Sets you have licensed with EOSPRINT and can import your customized Material Sets in Fusion 360 as a Print Setting to the active Fusion document. You can also save these to your Fusion 360 print setting library and reuse them in the future. Once you are done with part positioning and adding your supports, using this App you can calculate the build time (EOSPRINT calculation) associated with your additive setup for an EOS Metal 3D printer natively in Fusion 360. At this point, you can export the build file called EOS Task directly to the selected 3D printer.


Supported EOS 3D printers:

  • EOS M 100
  • EOS M 290
  • EOS M 300 Series
  • EOS M 400
  • EOS M 400-4


If desired, this app also gives you the option to send the EOS Job Files (*.openjz) you created in Fusion 360 to EOSPRINT Software for further review and editing.

With this App, you can also connect to the EOS Store to order powder directly from EOS and take certified online training from EOS Additive minds academy.


版本, 2023/4/21
First version



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