Publish to PLY


The application allows users to publish their designs to point cloud files (PLY). A point cloud is a set of data points in some coordinate systems.


A .ply file consists of a header followed by a list of vertices and then a list of polygons. The header specifies how many vertices and polygons are in the file, and also states what properties are associated with each vertex, such as (x,y,z) coordinates, normal's and color.


There are two types of PLY file format: ASCII and binary format

In the ASCII version of the format, the vertices and faces are each described one to a line with the numbers separated by white space. In the binary version, the data is simply packed closely together at the 'endianness' specified in the header and with the data types given in the 'property' records. 


The file PLY file can be opened in MeshLab and other ply viewers.



版本 V1, 2016/11/16
Generate point cloud .PLY file of Fusion 360 models



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