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This app disables gestures so you can use your Right Mouse Button (RMB) to pan and orbit the viewport.


This app is for you if

  • you're not a big fan of gestures (like me) or
  • you don't have middle mouse button or
  • you don't like to press and hold it.


Your RMB will work as normal.

If you need support or just want to drop a comment or a suggestion visit this dedicated thread.



版本 1.2, 2019/10/4
Fixed compatibility with 09/23/2019 update


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  • Thank you so much for this
    Iwan Meaker | 五月 06, 2020 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)


  • Thanks!
    scott f | 四月 19, 2020 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    That has been driving me crazy for months! So many times I managed to delete some by mistake!!!

    Thank, this is a lifesaver!

  • Thank you!
    Sergey Tsimbalov | 九月 10, 2019 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    It is only solution i found to remove "undo/redo" gesture completly!

  • Thank You
    Charlie Riley | 七月 12, 2019 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Works a treat and a real time saver for me  :)

  • Somthing so obvious. thankyou so much
    Yodaco Ocadoy | 五月 01, 2019 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    I am not a mac guy, but I had use of a macbook for some time, now im back to a windows laptop....oh...whats that, utterly soul destroying pan and orbit or lack thereof.....great stuff. The navigation is far better on mac than on pc which is just lunacy, and really. for no good reason.

    Thanks for this great script, its not quite the same as the mac, but I can certainly get with it. 

  • Thank you!
    Gary Haith | 十二月 07, 2018 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Kind of you to take care of the rest of us... simple, fast, perfect.

  • This is a life saver!
    Patrick Toomey | 七月 29, 2018 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Thank you so much for making this, especially for free. The fact that Fusion 360 doesn't allow this sort of config option is mind boggling. Thank goodness you came along and solved this problem!


  • worked
    heugh jass | 六月 18, 2018 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)


  • Big CAD developers should hire you
    Dean Dekovic | 五月 03, 2018 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    This script is life-saving. I mean, finger-saving. I don't understand who in the world makes the MMB so hard to press. And if you have to press it thousands of times just to manipulate the viewport, this script is everything. Thank you very much!

  • Awesome
    Martin Dolan | 四月 28, 2018 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    I'm a new Fusion 360 user, and that middle mouse button thing was driving me nuts. Middle mouse button is also a scroll wheel and it was impossible to press it without also scrolling.
    Thanks so much for this!

  • Fixed navigation for me
    Sergio Chumacero | 四月 20, 2018 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Using a laptop clickpad that doesn't support middle mouse button, this add-in allows me to easily navigate without having to select the tools explicitly. What a relief.

  • Amazing
    Mike Budzinski | 二月 09, 2018 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Perfect for Rhino users.

  • Finally just what I need, wait... Darn it!
    Brice Violette | 十一月 30, 2017

    Hey you are probably wondering why I said darn it in the title and that is because the app is only for win64 and i have a mac and I really really would like to use this, but i can't.

  • Not working for me!
    Bare Baric | 十一月 24, 2017 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Your, script looks awesome! Just what I need! But, however, from some one reason, it does not work, which makes me very said... Any idea what could be wrong?

    Pawel N (發佈者) | 十一月 30, 2017

    Thx for 5 stars despite it's not working for you :) I've just created a dedicated thread for support. Please visit it or just email me. I'll try to help you.

  • Does exactly what you need it to do
    Ben Exner | 十月 24, 2017 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Worked wonders on my touchpad problem while using my razer blade stealth, thanks!