PowerPack for Autodesk® Inventor® 2024

PowerPack for Autodesk® Inventor® 2024

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An add-in for Autodesk® Inventor® that features an assortment of new functionalities that increase productivity, speed up your everyday modeling, and improve your workflows. Similarly, all manufacturing industry software users can easily add the PowerPack since it runs on top of Inventor.

Languages available on installation: English, German


KEY FEATURE 1: Visibility Enhancement

Visibility enhancement tools allows you to quickly choose what you want to display and what you don’t want to display. (Off Axis, Planes, points sketches, surfaces.)

See video here


KEY FEATURE 2: Purge Tools

The Purge tool allows you to clean up parts and assembly files by getting rid of unwanted geometry and information.

As main benefits we can list the following:

  • Remove broken references quickly without the need to cycle through unhealthy sketches.
  • Saves significant time and effort to clean up the parameters table.  
  • Allows removal of unused work features quickly and efficiently

See video here


KEY FEATURE 3: Title Block Swap

Title block swap will replace any existing title block on a drawing with another selected title block, which will maintain all iProperty information.

See video here


KEY FEATURE 4: iDog Bone

The iDog Bone feature was designed to automate the process of adding corner reliefs to internal pockets as well as external corners of the model and to save time by avoiding multiple manual operations such as Sketching, Extrusion, etc.

Another benefit of the iDog Bone is that automatically detects the corners that require material removal, and gives control over corner angles min/max detection; as well as multiple methods that can be used for relief patterns such as minimum gap, along short side/long side, etc.


KEY FEATURE 5: Remove iLogic rules

The Remove iLogic rules command has been created to help all designers who have worked with iLogic previously.

With the new command from PowerPack for Inventor, you can centrally manage the rules via an external rule and clean up the iLogic rule within individual files.

The main benefits of the Remove iLogic rules are:

  • Reduce manual cleaning of the parts and assembly
  • Search in all the model
  • Remove the iLogic rules on mass for all the components
  • Possibility to use the function on part, assembly, drawing


KEY FEATURE 6: The Border Frame Swap

The Border Frame Swap command comes to complete an existing workflow for drawings, the possibility to change easily the title block in drawings and helps to change with one click the border of the .dwg according to the template set by the user.

The main benefits are:

  • Easy way to configure the DWGs border
  • Independent option to swap the border frame
  • Easy definition of the template
  • Change fast the DWG


KEY FEATURE 7: Weld Balloons

The Weld Balloon command in PowerPack for Inventor 2024.1 automates the process of adding balloons for welds in drawings, saving time and simplifying the workflow. Users can choose between manual and automatic processes, with options to customize balloon content and numbering.

See video here


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

Popis zkušební verze

This is a 15-day Free Trial version without any restrictions to our full set of tools part of PowerPack for Inventor.

Initiating your GRAITEC experience is straightforward. Opt for "I want to run a 15 days evaluation", and an email containing your unique serial number and activation code will be swiftly sent. Input these details to begin your full one-month trial. 

Languages available on installation: English

Please contact GRAITEC for more detailshttps://graitec.com/

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Verze 24.1.415.0, 28.11.2023
Inventor 2024

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