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Often, during modeling, you have to work on old projects and then have to replace the models with new ones.

This is a very common problem and one that creates a few inconveniences, for example, the models also have designs and presentations and that if we want to make a copy of everything we must rely on some rather slow and cumbersome project copying procedures.

iCopy eliminates all these unnecessary and complex steps.

You can copy a document with the "Save As" function and then take the drawing and the presentation with you with a simple click.

The "Copy and Replace" function is also useful. It is present when an assembly is active, and allows you to make a copy of the selected model with its documentation and in addition shows all the instances of the model within the assembly, and all the sub-layers, allowing you to make a complete replacement of each instance as you want.

This add-in drastically reduces the time needed to copy and replace models and gives more time and less stress to the designer.

Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

Popis zkušební verze

To get the trial license you must:

  • Click on "Login" button in the tab "DN Sistemi"
  • Click on button "Use trial license"
    • The trial licenses have a duration of 15 days after you use the add-in for the first time

Informace o této verzi

Verze, 13.09.2021
The first release on Autodesk App Store

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    DITEC Engineering | H2 S.r.l. | září 08, 2020

    Permette di fare copie di parti o assiemi con le relative tavole senza perdere tempo ad associarle.

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