CADsys-Changing materials of Content Center parts

CADsys-Changing materials of Content Center parts

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Changing the material of a Content Center part is time-consuming with Autodesk® Inventor® standard functionality. This app provides you a convenient solution to change the materials of Content Center parts.


By calling the app all Content Center parts contained in the current assembly are listed hierarchically in the app’s dialog tree. After selecting one or more Content Center parts from it you can choose a new material for them from the Inventor material list. By confirming the settings, the new material-specific parts are stored in the Content Center folder and will be referenced from the assembly.


The app provides functionality for generating the Content Center parts for a required material from standard parts in the time as needed, so it saves time and space.



· Time and memory efficient use of the Content Center

· Demand-oriented material change of Content Center parts


For 30 days after installation the app is available in trial mode. In trial mode the number of referenced Content Center files is limited to a maximum of 5 files.

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Verze 6.0, 09.08.2022
Support for Autodesk® Inventor® 2023 added.

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