Replace assembly components easily with content from the clipboard. Just click the right mouse button and fill the clipboard with the copy command in any application like:

  • Autodesk® Inventor®
  • Windows-Explorer
  • any other file explorer
  • Notepad, Text editor (Copy a valid path as text into your clipboard)…


Replacing: When there is some valid content in the clipboard select the component in the assembly and execute smartReplace.

  • One occurrence is selected: The selected occurrence will be replaced with content from the clipboard. If there are several of these occurrences smartReplace asks if you want to replace only the selected one or all of these occurrences. There is a graphical feedback.
  • Several occurrences are selected: All selected occurrences will be replaced independent if there exists more of them in the assembly.

New feature: The new version shows a dropdown to select the source also from actually opened files.

With smartReplace you avoid the annoying navigation in the explorer window.


Speed up replacing a lot – work more efficiently.


This is a 30 days evaluation version.


Please contact me if you want to purchase a full version or if you need the add-in for an earlier version of Inventor. The full version is also available with German user interface.

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Version 1.1, 26.09.2017
25/Sept/2017 Added open files as source.

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