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AutoDXF is an add-in for Autodesk® Inventor® that simplifies the workflow with assemblies that contain sheet metal parts. It allows you to easily collect all sheet metal components, automatically create and preview flat patterns, export the list of sheet metal parts to Word, identify any issues with flat patterns and batch export them to highly customizable DXF or DWG files.


AutoDXF features

  • Automatically find and list all sheet metal parts in the assembly
  • Quickly find and open specific sheet metal component
  • Identify the flat pattern status of sheet metal parts
  • Automatic creation of flat patterns
  • Automatic detection of threaded holes. When exporting to DXF those can be placed on a customizable separate layer (new in V4)
  • Optional automatic creation of Points in centers of threads when exporting to DXF (new in V4)
  • Generation of Flat Pattern previews for finding out flat pattern's orientation'
  • Rotation of Flat Patterns
  • Rotation along the longest edge and rotation along the longest bend
  • Flip flat pattern
  • Flat pattern generation for parts derived from sheet metal parts (mirrored parts and parts derived from multi-body sheet metal parts)
  • Batch export of flat patterns to DXF or DWG files
  • Add text descriptions to DXF files (Not available for DWG)
  • Flexible DXF/DWG file naming
  • Use custom iProperties for building file names, text descriptions, and Word table
  • Set layer names, colors, line weights, and line widths
  • Exporting a list of sheet metal parts including thumbnails to Microsoft Word
  • Slovenian and English user interface


See web documentation for AutoDXF 4.7 to overview the full functionality of the program.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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Version 4.7.0, 08.04.2021
We've fixed a few bugs and added some new functionality: - zooming the flat pattern preview - control over trailing zeros in decimal places for flat pattern dimensions and thicknesses - new properties flat pattern lenght and width can now be included in DXF texts Watch this video for quick demonstration of new features: List of fixed erorrs: - fixed bug when proportional text size was wrong if part unit was mm and export unit was inch - fixed bug with defining text height via XML settings file - fixed translation bug in menu for defining column visibility (right click on main table header)


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