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Use AutoSteps to automate routine tasks in the Inventor without having to write a single line of code in VBA, iLogic, etc. In the graphical workflow designer, you can easily and flexibly model any number of routine tasks as a workflow.


For example, you can create a workflow that prints all drawings on different printers depending on the required format. Or a workflow that exports all flat patterns as a DXF and then creates missing patterns or lists them in a text file. Or you can automate tasks that have been done manually so far, e.g. exporting data for assemblies, parts, and drawings to different formats (STEP, PDF, DXF, etc.) for your customers or suppliers.


Automating routine tasks leaves you more valuable time for your design work.


  • If you have ideas for new activities or are interested in licensing, please send an email to
  • This is a 15-day trial version with full functionality.


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Version 1.2.21, 09.02.2017
+ Support for Inventor 2014 and 2017

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  • Einfach genial!
    Stefan Verbeek | Dezember 30, 2016

    Für wiederkehrende Aufgaben können super schnell und einfach eigene Funktion erstellt werden. Die Möglichkeiten sind gigantisch und wachsen ständig. Extrem kurze Einarbeitung und keine Programmierkenntnisse erforderlich.

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