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The add-In for Autodesk® Inventor® mightyBrowser provides a function to update the description of components of the Inventor browser based on configured iProperties.


For drawing (IDW and Inventor DWG), presentation (IPN), assembly (IAM) and part documents (IPT), the top node (display name) in the browser will be updated after executing the function.


For assembly documents (IAM) additionally the component names will be updated according to the iProperty definition that is defined in the config file. 

  • The default setting for the browser node is the combination of the iProperty 'Title' and 'Part Number'
  • By default the browser nodes are not updated when the file is opened or saved.
  • By default the browser nodes of Content Center Parts and Functional Documents - like Frame Generator components, Design Accelerator components, Tube and Pipe components and Cable and Harness components - are not updated.
  • For iPart factories the update of the browser name is ignored!


Watch this video for an overview: https://youtu.be/Z3eJzE669iQ.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).


The trial is working for 30 days without limitations.

Please contact us at info@coolOrange.com or sales@coolOrange.com if you want to buy mightyBroswer. A license is required for each seat.

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Version 24.0.10, 25.05.2023
Version number changed to 24

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  • Version 17.0.62 - perfect
    Mario Pongratz | Juli 07, 2016

    After update to the last version it´s perfect for us!

  • And again nice job from CoolOrange.
    Pascal David | Februar 26, 2016 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    This apps works great to change the names, good job!

  • Easy to use
    Daniel Stockinger | September 20, 2015

    Cool Tool for renaming BrowserNodes. Works perfect for me.

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