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The command performs an automatic uploading of a CAD-model from Autodesk® Inventor® to CAE Fidesys.


See for example:


NOTE: CAE Fidesys must be installed at user's PC. CAE Fidesys is available for downloading at:


Also one may use free Cloud-based version Fidesys Online at: 


CAE Fidesys is an easy-to-use and effective tool for performing a full cycle of engineering-strength analysis including loading a CAD mode and its analysis, meshing, setting loads and material mechanical properties, selecting and setting a FEM-solver, model calculation, and results visualization. 


CAE Fidesys Standard features include:

  • Solving problems at plain stresses and plain strains.
  • Stressed-deformed state calculation of 3D bodies at static load.
  • Stressed-deformed state calculation of 3D bodies at dynamic load.
  • Eigenfrequencies and eigenmodes calculation of 3D bodies.
  • Critical loads and buckling-modes calculation.
  • Solving problems for bodies with beam and/or shell elements.



  • High speed and accuracy of calculations provided by state-of-the-art technologies approved by a wide range of tests.
  • A flexible and reliably adaptive geometry-mesh generator with the possibility of both automatic hexahedral meshing and tetrahedral meshing.
  • A wide range of supported CAD-formats:

            - ACIS (*.sat**.sab*)

            - IGES (*.igs**.iges*)

            - STEP (*.stp**.step*)

            - AVS Files (*.avs*)

            - Genesis/Exodus (*.g**.gen**.e**.exo*)

            - Facets (*.fac*)

            - STL Files (*.stl*)

            - Patran (*.pat**.neu**.out*)

            - Ideas (*.unv*)

            - Abaqus (*.inp*)

            - Fluent (*.msh*)

            - Nastran (*.bdf*)

            - Cubit Files (*.cub*)

            - Catia (*.CATPart*.CATProduct**.ncgm)

  • Cross-platformity: CAE Fidesys can be run in Windows and Linux OS families with an approved and effective functionality on software platforms of the leading manufacturers.


NOTE : The standard Trial version of CAE Fidesys expires in 30 days.

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