Easy Bolts


Easy Bolts allows you to place Bolts in four different ways.

The first method is an automated placement of bolts from the content center as standard. If selected, the nut and washers are constrained to the bolt.

The second method is also an automated placement from the content center but the bolts are stored locally as custom parts.

The third method is a little unusual and serves mainly to keep the file size and complexity of the model down. It uses an assembly file with one dummy part file which mimics the volume of the bolted joint. The assembly also contains all the parts of the bolted joint as virtual parts. The parts lists from the drawings will correctly indicate the parts and numbers, although in the model there is only a dummy visible.

The fourth method creates normal Autodesk® Inventor® parts and stores them locally. There is no connection to the content center.


This is a 30-day free trial version.

Based on the responses, I will decide whether to develop the application further.

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Version V1.2, 16.11.2021
Smaller Bolt lengths included.

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    Mechiel van Valen | November 19, 2021 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    The app works fine, but isnt possible to change the type bold and Washer and nut. maybe the next step?

    We are working with a own custom CC with fastners that containts Article numbers for our ERP. so we can this app right now. When you can filter from CC that will be nice. 

    Marc Crauwels (Herausgeber) | November 23, 2021

    Thank you for your response, Although you have a point and I did expect this question, the point of Easy Bolts is to remain simple. That is why an international standard and bolt types that can serve in most connections were chosen. Initially, the idea was to leave out the content centre completely and to configure everything in the command window, as with the material selection for virtual and normal parts. But the content centre also has its advantages, such as resizing and replacing bolts after they are in place. Programming to automate the placement of custom parts from the content centre is either impossible if you do not have all the information of these families, or it is cumbersome and slow during application execution. I will certainly look at all the possibilities.

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