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AutoSave is an add-in that runs in the background of Autodesk® Inventor® and saves the documents to the location you choose at customizable intervals.


Select an interval at which time the program will run a save command for either the current document, all visible documents or all open documents. These can then be saved to the document's original location or a custom location of your choice. 


Choose how many versions you wish to retain or how long you wish to keep the saved versions. You can also choose whether or not the files get removed during a manual save in order to keep unused files to a minimum.


On restore, the program will treat the saved version similar to how Inventor treats files in the "Old Versions" folder. You can open the saved file as a read-only document, restore it to the current version, or open the document from which it was originally derived.

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Versión 2.3.1, 23/09/2020
Resolved issue #6 (program crash when placing CC parts) Added extra check for mousedown event during autosave operation which may cause crashes

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  • Saved my bacon
    Timothy Fehr | febrero 25, 2018 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    Inventor crashed after I hadn't saved all day (I know, shame on me). Was able to restore the latest auto saved version and carried on without incident.

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