Cadasio Assembly And Service Instructions Online

Cadasio Assembly And Service Instructions Online

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Cadasio for Autodesk® Inventor® - Exports your Inventor design to your Cadasio account.


Improve the understanding of your products, reduce printing costs and become more sustainable by presenting your products and instructions online in 3D to anyone with a web browser using Cadasio.


Since the viewer of your manuals will be able to rotate, zoom, pan and interact with your instructions, you can increase comprehension and engagement and since less text may be required you can save on translation costs.


Customisable markup such as explode lines, labels, images and text can all be added to your Cadasio projects and additional links and attention animations will help modernise your technical communications and really bring them to life.


Why Cadasio?

  • Modernise your technical communications
  • Reduce time to market
  • Improve customer experience and engagement
  • Go green and become more sustainable by reducing printing
  • Reduce translation costs


Getting Started

  • Create a free account on
  • Download the app
  • Within Inventor, open up the assembly you want to use in Cadasio
  • Using the app, create or update a Cadasio project from your assembly
  • Start creating stunning 3D interactive technical communications!
  • For more information watch our video or visit our Inventor addin page


Cadasio has been designed to be easy to use, no previous CAD experience is required. We have a Getting Started guide for a step by step tutorial which will demonstrate the fundamentals of Cadasio, we also have a video library with additional tutorials and tips and head over to our forum if you have any questions.


We appreciate all feedback, so feel free to get in touch if you have any suggestions or if you experience a problem.

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Versión, 02/10/2020
Cadasio for Inventor - Build - 07 September 2020 Includes: centring of parts, fix for transparency and visibility.

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