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The Engineered3D Product Catalog is an Autodesk® Inventor® app developed following our Engineered 3D approach, allowing sales, engineers or designers to do their job much more efficiently and effectively.


Engineered3D Product Catalog for Inventor


This is to showcase a typical sample of our catalog product - Engineered3D Catalog (named App hereinafter) used with Autodesk Inventor. As a demo, this app ships with an Inventor 3D model of shaft coupling prototype (Shaft Coupling.ipt) and a .DLL file (CouplingCatalog.dll) that provides the UI for a salesperson, and designers/engineers to enter an end user’s requirement data—be it geometric, or any type of other engineering parameters.0 


The app is developed to:

  • Help a vendor’s sales team to show product data (both datasheet, and 3D model) efficiently with minimal but necessary information. For example, once customer data (HP, rpm, etc) is collected, the salesperson can quickly and easily provide sizing info and related models.
  • Help a vendor’s engineering team to size products and produce models easily.
  • Help engineering teams on the customer side to easily conduct engineering and modeling.


Similar to traditional paper based catalogs, and the recent e-catalogs on the Internet or mobile platforms, our Engineered3D Catalog provides a simple user interface to view product data of all models/sizes in the catalog.  However, the app provides additional capabilities:


  • It has integrated with necessary engineering calculations for sizing products per the user's engineering input. If you know what type of product you need, the Engineered3D Catalog will size the product and produce its 3D model for you.
  • In cases where more than one size / model satisfies the user input, the App will generate a list of all acceptable sizes of model, and show a preferred one on the UI.  The user can also choose from the list—for reasons like standardization, etc.
  • It will generate the corresponding Inventor 3D model for the size of product—either selected automatically by the program or by the user according to his/her preference.

  • It also notifies the user if the input is invalid; and provides the reasons of invalidity to help the user decide what change to make.

Since engineering has been integrated into 3D models the whole process from marketing, engineering to modeling is significantly shortened.


Introduction to Engineered 3D


The term Engineered 3D differs in approach from conventional parametric 3D, where engineering and modeling/drafting are normally decoupled. Instead, 3D models are integrated not only with geometric data, but also with a lot of other engineering data, engineering calculations and logical analysis.


In conventional methods, 3D modelers need to know the shape and size of the model to be built.  However, in Engineered 3D, sizing is done by the app based on inputs of user data.

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Versión V0.5.0, 28/03/2018
Autodesk® Inventor® 2019 compatible Autodesk® Inventor® 2018 compatible Autodesk® Inventor® 2017 compatible

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