FX64 Parameters

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FX64 Parameters

FX64 Parameters is the tool designed to edit the parameters of Autodesk® Inventor® models more efficiently than is possible with the standard Inventor Properties tool. Seamlessly integrated with Inventor, the tool offers many features that Inventor users have long desired.

Key Features of FX64 Parameters

  • Permanently open parameters window
    • Option to slide in/out on mouse over
    • Option to have the window permanently open
  • Automatic update of values
    • Window reloads the parameter values when the parameters of the active Inventor document change
    • Option to switch to manual update so the window only reloads when user clicks update button
  • Customizable parameter groups
    • Define custom parameter groups
    • Move parameters from the standard (model) group to custom groups and back
    • Rearrange the sequence of groups in the UI
    • Hide/show groups
  • Customizable columns
    • Sequence of columns can be rearranged
    • List can be sorted ascending/descending by clicking on the respective column header
    • Hide/show columns as needed
  • Custom categories
    • Parameters can be assigned to a category
    • Program can show/hide parameters by category
  • Search function
    • Text color of the searchbox turns green when a matching item is found
    • After a match is found, clicking the search button (or pressing return/enter) directly opens the equation edit function for the found parameter
  • Import/Export function
    • Parameters of the active Inventor document can be saved to an XML file and imported as user parameters in a different Inventor document
  • Reusable value lists
  • Dialog for assigning/editing multi-value parameters has options to save the value list as file or to load existing value lists from files to quickly populate parameters with existing lists


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

Informazioni sulla versione

Versione v1.1, 24/11/2023
- files of the program are now digitally signed - Inventor 2024 Support - bugfixes for saving/loading parameter group assignments - new option to copy parameters as user parameters - display Nominal & Model Value in the length units set in the document (e.g. mm or inch) instead of always using the internal database unit cm (also applies to angles using deg/rad etc.)

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    Render One | luglio 08, 2023 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    This Addon is really helpful! It crashes sometimes but worth fixing. I hope we get support for Inventor 2024

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