Naca4CAD - Airfoil generator

Naca4CAD - Airfoil generator

Miroslav Kabát
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Airfoil Generator is an add-in for Autodesk® Inventor® which allows the user to generate Airfoil directly to the 2D Sketch and update the existing Airfoil.



Generate 4 & 5 digit series of NACA

Use huge catalog with more like 1600 most popular Airfoils with predefined points


This add-in saves tons of time in:

  • generating wings, ailerons
  • modeling aircraft propellers and wind turbines
  • optimizing water pump, fans and turbines blades
  • reducing the pressure drop
  • eliminating Karman vortex street behind objects in tubes and pipes


If you have problems with installation or any questions about the addin, don't be worried contact us, we can remotely help you:
+420 607 624 470


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Versione 3.2.0, 17/05/2021
Added: Catalog of more like 1600 most popular airfoils

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  • such a time saver!
    Eric Hobson | gennaio 21, 2021 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Being able to quickly generate AND update (new feature) NACA profiles within Inventor is well worth the investment.

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