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The most powerful Copy Design Tool for Autodesk® Inventor®!


This tool can be used instead of all the existing copy tools. All options that you expect in a good copy design tool are there and if not, we will try to include them in the next release. 

  • Multiple renaming options for files and folders
  • Derived parts are supported
  • Frame generator files are supported
  • iParts and iAssemblies are supported
  • Reset the Revision field
  • Migrating tool included


We appreciate you taking the time to help us improve the Copy Design Tool by report a bug or give a review!


(After 90 days the tool switches to the lite version)

Descrizione della versione di prova

The trial period for the full version is 90 days.

After the trial period, the tool keeps working as a 'lite' version.

Informazioni sulla versione

Versione 1.7.2021.0, 31/08/2023
* New option for renaming folders * Fully Autodesk® Inventor® 2024 support * AIP files copied to the correct folder * Fixed an error after copying iProperties (Inventor 2022.2 and higher) * Fixed an error after copying iProperties (Inventor 2019)

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Richiedi assistenza tecnica
  • Select/unselect files from list
    GIANNI CANALE | luglio 22, 2021 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    it's possible to select or unselect multiple files (with shift button or keyword) or  view in the list only files contained in a specific folder /pc location? 

    I need to copy/rename/replace only specific files (part, assembly from assembly and their idw) alweys saved on specific folder


  • Great Tool
    Uwe Wink | ottobre 15, 2020 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Works great without any error.

    Some little problem with drawings with are nor direct in the same folder. But if you know it, move to the folder that it.

    Thumbs up!

  • Trial version question
    Tomasz Malinowski | settembre 29, 2020 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Is there "Keep Folder Hierarchy" option switched off in Trial? can't get it grayed off...

    Wim Pepping (Autore) | ottobre 07, 2020

    You are probably copying to a location within the active project. Keep folder hierarchy can then lead to conflicts. The tool is made to prevent file conflicts as much as possible. The solution in your case is to copy to another location.

  • Great tool just too expensive
    Corey Parks | maggio 30, 2019 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    I used the trial for a bit and it is a great tool.  I can't justify adding one command for almost 8% of our total software price year over year.  If there was no other way to accomplish this, then maybe, but that's not the case.  Once again, great job on a great tool.

  • Great tool
    A. Van Den Heuvel | maggio 02, 2019 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Beta version tested, immediately purchased a license after use, it is a simple and reliable tool, for which I have only one word, Great.

  • Great app again of Pepping
    Pascal David | novembre 20, 2018 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Works great and gives no errors, works also exactly like I logic design copy! Great job 

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