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This plug-in adds two assembly commands; Copy with Constraints and Replace with Copy. 


Copy with Constraints:

As the name says this command allows you to copy one or multiple occurrences with their constraints. If you select one or more occurrences before activating the command, they will be copied. If you do not select anything, you will be prompted to select an occurrence. There is no limit to the amount of occurrences that can be selected.


Replace with Copy:

Replaces selected component with a copy. You will prompted for the filename and saving location of the copy. Relationships are preserved.



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Versione 1.1, 05/05/2022
Updated app ID for entitlement API

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  • Great Plugin
    Benjamin Kurt | maggio 04, 2022 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Copy with constraints works very well. Great job!

  • excellent commands...
    Mitchell Luterman | aprile 25, 2022 Download verificato (Guida rapida) great! Would also love to have Replace with New (generated from original); that would save the extra step of having to turn the copy into a new part.

    Bas Nederveen (Autore) | aprile 26, 2022

    Hi Mitchell, Many thanks for your review! Can you send me an email to I have a question about your idea.

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