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The app provides a range of functions with which the dimensions (length, width, thickness) of a component is always written to the iProperties so that they can then be called up in the parts list, for example.

For this purpose, a partExtents feature is created once in the component which determines the longitudinal direction. It is therefore irrelevant how the part is oriented in the coordinate system. From now on, this element takes care of automatically updating the values in the iProperties. It does not matter whether the part is parametric or was created by importing a file.

A convenient toolbar is used to create the partExtents feature. This is fully usable in the part and assembly environment. The process for assigning the required inputs is optimized and can be completed very quickly with extremely few mouse clicks. Ideally, you only need two mouse clicks per component. All toolbars remember their settings.

It is also possible to automatically align the textures on the top and bottom of the component along its defined longitudinal direction. The name of the representation can also be automatically transferred to the iProperties.

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Versione 24.1, 15/02/2024
added English user interface

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