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With the RoboDK add-in for Autodesk® Inventor®, you can easily load 3D models created in Inventor to RoboDK. This plug-in allows you to program more than 50 different robot manufacturers and 500 robots directly from Inventor. Robots can be easily programmed as 5-axis machines for manufacturing applications such as drilling, welding, trimming, 3D printing or robot machining.


The RoboDK Add-In for Inventor is free if you have a RoboDK License and works with Inventor 2018 and later.


Once installed, the RoboDK Add-In for Inventor should be visible in the Toolbar. This toolbar includes a dedicated toolbar for 7 commands for CAD and CAM purposes:


Auto Setup: This button allows you to select any geometry (curves or points) and they will be loaded in RoboDK together with the 3D model.


Load Part: Loads the 3D model from Inventor to RoboDK. Features such as curves or points won’t be loaded.


Load Point(s): Load all the points selected in RoboDK as a new object. All selected surfaces will be used to calculate point normals. These normals are important as they define the robot’s approach axis.


- Load Curve(s): Load all the curves selected in RoboDK as a new item. All selected surfaces will be used to calculate curve normals. These normals are important as they will define the robot’s approach axis.


Settings: Open the default Settings window.


Load CAM Project: Load the machining project in RoboDK. If multiple tools are used for machining RoboDK will automatically split the program to have one project settings for each tool. This behavior can be changed in Tools-Options-CAM.


Generate Robot Program: Generate all programs available in the RoboDK project.


The main difference between Auto Setup and Load Curve(s) or Load Point(s) is that Auto Setup loads the part and creates a new Curve/Point follow the project. Using Load Curve(s) or Load Point(s) is faster and will just update the existing geometry features in RoboDK, keeping previously defined settings.


Note: Install RoboDK to install the Inventor plugin.

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Versione 4.2.4, 20/09/2021
Initial release to store.

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