NACA Airfoil generator

NACA Airfoil generator

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NACA Airfoil Generator is an addin for Autodesk® Inventor® which allows the user to generate Airfoil directly to the 2D Sketch.

This addin saves tons of time in:

  • generating wings, ailerons
  • modeling aircraft propellers and wind turbines
  • optimizing water pump, fans and turbines blades
  • reducing the pressure drop
  • eliminating Karman vortex street in objects in tubes and pipes


User inputs:

Basic definition

  1. NACA Number / definition of NACA profile (0012, 2408, ... , 23012, 24006, ... , 23110, 24106, ...)
  2. Chord Length
  3. Angle of Attack


  1. Point count
  2. Distribution = Linear / Cosinus
  3. Connection = Points / Line / Spline
  4. End = Open / Closed


  1. Translate X
  2. Translate Y
  3. Rotate Z
  4. Mirror X
  5. Mirror Y

Advanced settings

  1. allow edit airfoil thickness equation yt
  2. allow edit definitions of 5-digit series


You can export your setup with points to XML format with extension *.naca and import them back later.

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バージョン, 2020/12/11
Support different Windows DPI (100 %, 125 %, 150 %, 200 %) New library signature (i hope this help us solve bug with constantly unloading plugin from Inventor) GDPR and Privacy policy updated (we don't store info about usage and you, if we don't have it, we can't share it or delete)


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