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When changing the visibility of components of a subassembly you are prompted to either change the view representation or remove associativity. Both these options can be unwanted. Setting the representations back to Default / Associative is annoying and time consuming.

This plug-in adds a few commands to make this easier. 

The following commands are added to the 'Assemble' tab in the assembly environment:

  • Reset all
    • Resets all representations of all assemblies and subassemblies recursively. 
  • Reset top level
    • Resets representations of top level assemblies.
  • Reset selected
    • Resets the representation of selected assemblies.
  • Reset selected recursive
    • Resets the representation of selected assemblies recursively
  • Settings
    • Here you can set your 'default' representation (if not changed, this is 'Default')

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