CFD has many advantages in valve performance analysis including accuracy, cost, and depth of flow information it provides. The major limitations of adopting CFD in the valve design process are, required CFD expertise, the complexity of valve geometry, compute power, and time required for analysis. All valve manufacturers have an in-house team of experts understanding the valve design. But, when it comes to CFD analysis, many of them rely on either in-house CFD experts or third-party consultants. This is the major limitation of adopting CFD in the day-to-day design activity.
The Autonomous Valve CFD app removes all the limitations and brings the power of CFD simulation into the hands of valve designers and manufacturers. The app workflow is crafted considering a designer as a focal point. The fully customized workflow takes the known inputs from the designer and generates a ready-to-use valve performance report. 3D CFD results generated by the app helps designers to understand the fluid flow behavior inside the valve and design the valve with better performance. With the fleet of cloud computing clusters, the results are generated within minutes and help designers to evaluate different design variations and operating scenarios.
Autonomous Valve CFD comes with a variety of subscription models to suit requirements of low-to-heavy design load and financial budget. The app is designed for all types of devices including phones, tablets, and personal desktops and can be accessed anytime.

App is powered by Autodesk® Forge. The app supports Autodesk® Inventor® format along with STEP and SAT.

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Versão 1.0, 27/09/2021
First Version to publish on Autodesk App store.

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