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The app provides functionality for creating a fits list that can be placed anywhere on the drawing. The table contains all used model and drawing fits. An updating of the table is optional whenever the drawing is saved.


In order to provide the manufacturer the clear information about the permissible production deviations, a fitting size table is created on the drawing. This table is automatically created by the app and placed at a predefined position on each drawing sheet. This table contains both fit sizes from the drawing dimension as from the retrieved model dimension. The nominal dimensions, fit sizes, deviations, maximum dimensions and minimum dimensions are given.

The position of the fits list on the drawing and the sorting of the table rows can be defined via a dialog. Optionally, the table can be automatically updated when the drawing is saved.



  • Easy creation of fits list
  • Automatic output of deviation and maximum/minimum dimensions in relation to nominal and fit dimensions
  • Predefined table position on the drawing


For 30 days after installation the app is available in trial mode. In trial mode the number of lines in fits list is limited to a maximum of 2.

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Versão 6.0, 09/08/2022
Supports Inventor 2019-2023.

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