Batch Publish Manager 2020

Batch Publish Manager 2020

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This batch plot and batch convert application can be used to send multiple Autodesk® Inventor® drawings to different printers and convert Inventor documents to a variety of export types easily and efficiently. Think about the amount of time you can save when creating your project outputs!

Add Inventor documents from your Inventor project locations or if you’re a Vault user you can even add Inventor documents to the Batch Publish Manager directly from Vault. With the 'Add Related Drawings' command you can add all the underlying Inventor drawings of an assembly to the Print and/or Publish section with a single mouse click.



After defining your default printer configurations you can link a configuration to each standard sheet sizes of an Inventor drawing. When an Inventor drawing document is added to the Print section of the Batch Publish Manager, the sheets of this document are automatically linked to the corresponding default printer based on the sheet size. With the Quick Select options in the Print section you can select drawing sheets easily based on drawing or sheet properties. You can make overrides to the automatically assigned printers to re-route one or more drawing sheets to a different printer configuration. After starting the Print & Publish action the selected sheets will be scaled to the specified paper size of the assigned printer. The orientation will be automatically adjusted if necessary.



For each Inventor document type you can specify which export types should be created by default. For each export type you can specify the export settings, a file naming scheme and a publish location. File naming schemes can be created based on iProperties of an Inventor document to determine the filename of the exported document. A file naming scheme like ‘<Project>-<Description>-REV-<Revision>’ could result in a filename of an exported document like ‘OR0001-PLATE-REV-A.dxf’. After adding an Inventor document the whole structure is listed to convert multiple documents in one go!


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