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BOM Tools Pro for Autodesk® Inventor® can be used to easily manage and export the Inventor Bill of Materials (BOM) to Excel. Additional properties like the Part/Assembly thumbnails can also be exported to the Excel file. Other useful properties like Sheet Metal extents and Area can also be included. The interface is intuitive and makes it easy to manage and check your data before exporting to Excel.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

Описание пробной версии

15-day trial after which the application can be purchased for $89.

Сведения об этой версии

Версия 9.0.2, 13.04.2022
<9.0.2> - Bug fixes <9.0.0> - Inventor 2023 Compatibility <8.0.1> - [Improved] "Sheet Metal Thickness" & "Sheet Metal Bends" information can now be retrieved whether or not the part has a flat pattern definition. <8.0.0> - [New] Inventor 2022 Compatibility -- Only supports Inventor 2017 to 2022 - [New] Support added for Model States -- Its now possible to export BOM's of different Model States (formerly known as Level of Details) -- Model State name will be added to the Excel filename to differentiate between Model State BOMs - [Improved] Scan speed improvement <7.0.5> *** No Activation required when upgrading from version 7.x.x *** - [Improved] Better handling of referenced AnyCAD CAD models. - [Improved] Assembly checking function added to determine if the main assy has missing references. <7.0.4> - [Improved] Grid layout Save function has been improved -- Column Filters are now saved too <7.0.3> - [Fixed] Leading 0's were removed from certain fields. <7.0.2> - [New] Add the option to select Paper Size for exported .xlsx file <7.0.0> *** Activation Is Required - Please email us on to check if your subscription is active*** - [New] Inventor 2021 Compatibility - [New] Added Total Cut Length (Sheet Metal Cut Length) property for Sheet Metal parts - [New] Added Number of Bends (Sheet Metal Bends) property for Sheet Metal parts - [New] Option to Multi-Select grid rows - [New] Right-Click option to Remove items (Or by using the Del key) - [New] Right-Click option to Open items <6.3.3> *** No Activation required when upgrading from version 6.3.x *** - Bug Fixes <6.3.2> - Added the option to load/export Inseparable assemblies as one item <6.3.1> - Added the "Standard" and "Standard Organization" iProperties <6.3.0> - Better performance when loading the assembly - Inventor 2020 Compatibility - Better Grid filters

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