iChords - Plate Formatter

iChords - Plate Formatter

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iChords - Plate Formatter can format a plate part to link internal size parameters to the custom size properties, stock number and description. Unify bend radius with custom rules. The size information in the material list will update automatically if the option "convert to sheet metal" is checked.



  • link internal size parameters to the custom size properties, stock number and description
  • switch units between mm/kg and inch/lb
  • unify bend radius with custom bend radius factor rules
  • unify stock number and description with selected ID string for future plate collecting
  • update thickness and material 

Option - Units:

  • mm/kg
  • inch/lb

Option - plate thickness:

  • select a value for the thickness from possible existing thickness parameters
  • check new thickness to input a new thickness

Option - Bend radius factor:

  • update bend radius factor based on the new thickness and custom rules in setting
  • input a new factor

Option - Plate type:

  • use selected or custom ID string in stock number and/or description

Option - Misc

  • convert to sheet metal
  • use same value as stock number for the description
  • material

The last 10 custom plate types and settings for size parameter names, custom bend radius factor rules and database for flat bars will be saved to minimise repetition input.


版本 2.0.0, 2024/4/1
Digital signed, Measure function added, Thickness tolerance added, more detailed error information added, Problem affecting other iChords apps solved Can start other command while this app is running. Can run on Inventor professional 2023, 2024, 2025



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