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iPropWiz 6

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iPropWiz provides unmatched performance for managing iProperties in your Autodesk® Inventor® documents. iPropWiz replaces the Inventor iProperties dialog with an administrator defined set of company standard properties, enabling users to quickly enter the required property information. The iPropWiz Property Editor is a modeless, dockable window that can remain open as you work in Inventor. Properties for the currently selected document(s) are instantly available.


Features include:

• Unlimited configurations of property sets. Each configuration contains property sets for each type of Inventor   document.


• Limit the iProperties shown to those you want to use. No more searching through the standard Inventor tabbed  iProperties dialog box.


• Rename iProperties to more useful names. For example, instead of "Web Link" you can replace the name with  Location, Bar Code Number, or another name.


• Powerful and efficient property lists.


• All lists can include an optional description for each value.

• You can enforce the selection of a value from the list.

• Multi-Property lists enable value assignment to multiple properties from a single list selection.

• Material and Parameter based lists can automatically update property values based on the current material or value of a specific parameter.


• Use powerful rules to dynamically extract a portion of an existing property value and assign it to the value of another  property.


• Define property expressions using a drag and drop Expression Editor. Administrators can provided fixed  expressions, or allow users to edit expressions for specific properties.


• Format units & precision of part parameters such as mass, volume, flat pattern extents. Conditional formatting  enables you to specify a second format for a range of values.


• Export part extents information relative to a UCS or the Principal Axes of the part in addition to the standard part  coordinate system.


• Over twenty predefined selection filters to select common groups of components for property editing. Examples  include “All referenced sheet metal parts” – at all levels of the open assembly; “All first level iPart members” –  selects all first level iPart members in the open assembly.


• Flexible and powerful controls to help ensure all required property values are entered.


• Quickly copy some or all iProperty values or property expressions from one document to another. Copy properties  between different document types.


• Define multiple configurations for different projects or customers. A configuration defines a set of iProperties for  each Autodesk Inventor document type: part, sheet metal, assembly, weldment, presentation, and drawing  documents. The property set for each document type is independent of those for other document types.


 • Multi-seat license and floating license options to meet your workgroup requirements.


 • Provides English or German user interface, more languages coming soon.



版本, 2016/5/25
Bug fixes, Inventor 2017 support. Please see change log at http://www.c3mcad.com/ProductPages/MiscTools/iPropWizChangeLog.aspx



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  • Tolle Sache
    Johannes Infanger | 十二月 10, 2013 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    Einfache eingabe der iProperties, Dropdown Menüs sind super

  • Excellent Productivity Tool
    Gerard Kennedy | 十一月 28, 2012 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    We have been using iPropWiz for over 3 years now and it has been an excellent tool. Administration: It is easy to manage the custom properties, adding to lists, adding new properties, adding customer specific profiles etc. Use: Quick and easy to add or edit properties. The copy and paste function means it is super for parts where materials and finishes are common. The compatibility with the Inventor BOM is seamless.

  • very good tool.
    Mark Wigan | 十月 28, 2012 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    easy to manage, easy to use, with excellent support.