Engineered Belt Conveyor Trajectory 3D Model

Engineered Belt Conveyor Trajectory 3D Model



For belt conveyor designers & engineers, this is revolutionary comparing with conventional conveyor 3D trajectory design & modeling, which is normally just 3D geometric model, not to mention traditional 2D design.


This is an engineered intelligent 3D model for belt conveyor trajectory per CEMA(Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association) standard. 


It is actually a belt conveyor trajectory engineering tool with engineering calculations integrated within.


This model comes with a user interface allowing conveyor designer to generate a 3D model of the conveyor trajectory by simply entering user process parameters together with conveyor geometric data. Simply, the user can treat this model as a black box without worrying about lower level details, modifying parameters in sketches, etc.


Once the user enters his/her process related data, including:

- Belt capacity;

- Belt speed;

- Bulk material density;


And conveyor head end configuration geometric data as below:

- Belt width;

- Head pulley diameter;

- Head end belt line slope angle;

- Bulk material flow surcharge angle.


Everytime the user makes any change in the user interface, which is a standard Windows form, two things will happen from the user's perspective:

- Engineering calculation will be done automatically in the background;

- The final model will be re-generated accordingly.

The current model applies to the fast belt speed case, so the trial version serves for conceptual purpose only. Some conditions per CEMA have not been included.

The end user does not need to know anything about modelling in Autodesk® Inventor® to create the engineered 3D trajectory of belt conveyor!!!


版本 0.1.1, 2018/3/28
Autodesk® Inventor® 2019 compatible. Autodesk® Inventor® 2018 compatible. Autodesk® Inventor® 2017 compatible.



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  • Minor update done.
    Don Wen | 一月 15, 2014 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    Thanks for some users' feedback, the model was updated such that: - PulleyDia input on the UI is corrected and the model will change accordingly; - BeltSpeed input unit shows as imperial instead of metric to be consistent with other inputs on the UI. Actually, as long as the user inputs a legal speed unit for the input, such as ft/s, ft/min, mps, etc, the model will update correctly, no matter your inputs are in imperial or metric.