cSysQuickProperties 2019

cSysQuickProperties 2019



Quick Properties is a specific window where you can see and edit active document iProperties or selected component's iProperties.


If the selected component is "read-only" or is a library component the dialog will only show the iProperties without the possibility to modification.


See detailed information here: www.codesystems.fi/products/?product=cSysQuickProperties2019


版本 23.2, 2018/11/13
23.1 Fixed error which occurs sometimes when closing document. 23.2 Creates new custom iProperty if not exist in file. Works with Inventor 2019.



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  • Suggestion for new versions
    Piotr Szymura | 十二月 14, 2018 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    This would be a complete tool if it could write properties of asm/prt files in drawing mode dwg/idw. Typically when 2d drawing is made in dwg file then the errors occur (wrong description or no date in part or assemblies). It would be great to make the changes from the drawing without opening file.... This is not hard to do -> i made it in ilogic for finding the first view and writing properties to that file. If You want to be precise then You could highlight in tree the part or view...

    For me the best thing is app docking under the tree! Its allways there when U need it ;)

    Great work, looking forward for new great apps or upgrades.

    Matti Kerätär (发布者) | 十二月 17, 2018

    Hi, thank for for your review and suggestion. You are right, most of the times you notice the missing properties after creating the first drawing view.