Tiny Quick Property

Tiny Quick Property

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With this app, the name of a selected occurrence in an assembly is displayed in the status bar.

You can know the part name without expanding the assembly browser or opening the iProperty of it.


Displaying some properties to the dockable window (ver.0.19.0331).


The properties in the dockable window can be customized now (ver.0.19.0622).


Thumbnail images can be displayed (ver.0.20.0110).


版本 1.23.0625, 2023/7/19
Some bugs are fixed.



14 評論
    Slawek Zawislak | 十二月 20, 2023 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Very good idea, but usless in dark mode :(

    Can font size be changed (bigger)?

    Hideo Yamada (發佈者) | 十二月 20, 2023

    Due to the change on Inventor2024.2, the property shown on the status bar disappears immediately. I believe Autodesk will fix this phenomenon. (Nothing I could do...)

  • Great Time Saver
    Gary Cartwright | 十月 18, 2023 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Many Thanks , great work 

    PS - We use different Description & Title , Can there be option for both to be shown ? 

  • Number of marked components
    Manuel A | 十月 15, 2023 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    two wishes, please update it for darkmode and show the Number of marked components, than its a very usefull tool.


  • Add-in the drawing
    Thong Le | 七月 20, 2023 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    I think if it's possible to add it on the drawing too it would be great.

  • Dark Mode
    Krzysztof Waszak | 一月 19, 2023 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Could you please update it for dark mode? Thank you!

  • Inventor 2023
    Ferran Pineda Núñez | 十一月 28, 2022 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Could you please update it for 2023 release? Thank you!

    Hideo Yamada (發佈者) | 十一月 30, 2022

    I believe that the latest version supports Inventor 2023.

  • Text's color
    Tu Nguyen | 十一月 11, 2022 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Can you change the font color in the bottom left corner of the screen? In dark mode, the text that is black is not clear to me. Thanks a lot!

    Hideo Yamada (發佈者) | 十一月 12, 2022

    Thank you for downloading my app! > Can you change the font color in the bottom left corner of the screen? > In dark mode, the text that is black is not clear to me. That is a bug in Inventor and there is nothing we can do about it... sorry.

  • Great tool!
    Joni Jokilehto | 十月 19, 2021 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Great tool for handling iProperties! I also have one minor problem. I have custom iProperty with formula in it. For example: Custom iPropertyName: Drawing number Content: =<Part Number>

    Is it possible to show the value instead of formula?   

    Hideo Yamada (發佈者) | 十月 24, 2021

    Thank you for using Tiny Quick Property. It's a good idea! The next time I change the code, I will try to implement your idea.

  • Support for Inventor 2021?
    Alen Cmrecki | 一月 08, 2021 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)


    please could You add support for inventor 2021?


    Hideo Yamada (發佈者) | 四月 26, 2021

    Now Inventor 2021 & 2022 are supported!

  • unit mass
    Alessandro Mafficini | 五月 11, 2020 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Great app,

    how can I change unit measure of mass (e.g. kg) because the property showed has unit in g?

  • Amazing
    Marco Cruz | 五月 06, 2020 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    This is the most useful addin I have installed! Great support from Hideo Yamada. Thanks!

    Hideo Yamada (發佈者) | 五月 07, 2020

    I'm glad if this add-in helps your work!

  • Insert others properties?
    Danny Doan | 二月 20, 2020 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Thank you. It will be excellent if i can insert others properties.

    Hideo Yamada (發佈者) | 二月 21, 2020

    Thank you for downloading TinyQuickProperty. > It will be excellent if i can insert others properties. What properties you want to add? Please let me know and I will add them if it's possible.

  • Thumbnail ?
    Matteo Cappelli | 十二月 17, 2019 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    excellent work, very useful find; i failed to activate the "thumbnail"; it's possible to do it?



    Hideo Yamada (發佈者) | 十二月 18, 2019

    Thank you for downloading! I'll try to add the thumbnails and tell you the result regardless of success.

  • A+
    Work Account | 六月 21, 2018 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    great little tool! excatly what i was looking for. I work with large assemblies and need to verify part numbers of components. This little tool shows the part# / file name on the bottom left corner when clicked on. Great work!

    Hideo Yamada (發佈者) | 六月 25, 2018

    Thank you!!