Batch export/import block info to/from worksheet

Batch export/import block info to/from worksheet

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With this app, block references information can be quickly batch exported to/re-imported from Microsoft® Excel® worksheet.
The typical workflow is Export - Edit - Reimport
Information including:

  • Block insertion point (X,Y,Z) & rotation angle (in radian)
  • Block attributes
  • Dynamic properties


Unlike classic commands (ATTIN, ATTOUT), this app can extract coordinates, and layout names which are useful for sorting block refs.
Unlike the new powerful DATAEXTRACTION command, this app can re-import values from worksheets to update existing drawing block refs. Also, exporting/importing procedures are minimized to save time.

Typical working scenarios are:

  • Batch numbering, naming .... sheet layout frame: By using attribute blocks as frames, the user can export them to Excel, edit drawing number/ name/ title... with the help of Excel Autofill feature to finish the attribute values. Re-import those update values and the manual work of adding incrementally is done;
  • Rebuild drawing list from existing attribute block (used as drawing frames);
  • Update coordinate attributes of crosshair block: Export block info, copy new coordinate values X Cad, Y Cad columns to attribute column; re-import from Excel to update;
  • Exported block coordinates can be used for inquiry Station- offset, use Station offset for further sorting/editing;

Note 1: This app cannot create new block references, just export - edit - reimport to update objects. Block reference objects are recognized by their Handle property (some kind of object ID in a specific drawing).
Note 2: Users don't have to do anything with license registration.


バージョン, 2022/06/10
- Bugs fixed: Warning message is minimized, app sometimes does not recognize the license file at first running, app may not work properly if multi AutoCAD & AutoCAD verticals instances are opened; - Minor improvements: a progress bar is added, block list is now able to suggest items when typing, add a mechanism of checking for active AutoCAD instance; - App is now digitally signed.


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  • export/import block ATTRIBUTE WITHOUT OPEN FILE
    Manesh Puthiyedath | 6月 27, 2022 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    Dear sir,

    this is very nice program. i was waiting from long time, sir It is possible to update in next version export/import block ATTRIBUTE WITHOUT OPEN dwg FILE.

    just select from directory. it will save too much time.

    please add a video tutorial aslo.


    NTCL Main (公開元) | 6月 27, 2022

    Thank you for your review, the first review for my apps after ~800 downloads (T_T). 1. About your suggestion, I will consider for the next updates, if possible. Maybe the code need totally rewritten since the export/import speed is really slow, not suitable for multi files processing (I think). 2. About tutorial videos, you can find 2 videos at the end of "Screenshots and Videos" category above.