Block references to/ from Excel® worksheet package

Block references to/ from Excel® worksheet package

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The ultimate package for batch processing Block references with the assistance of Microsoft® Excel® AutoFill.

The package combines three NTCL-published apps with some enhanced features which are not available in the free version:

1. Batch attribute block ref. creation from the worksheet: The app can fill up to 12 block attributes, 12 dynamic properties, and clone fields after block reference creation, work with Autodesk® Civil 3D® alignment, deal with alignment station equations,  and possibly ignore hidden rows in Excel.

2. Enhanced Block info to/from the worksheet: The app can work with multi-drawing files without opening on screen, with 10x-20x times faster processing.  Best for batch filling Title block attributes with the help of AUTOFILL.  No more complicated Sheet set FIELDS are required.

3. Alignment of SONE to worksheet: The app is now able to deal with station equation(s), and an option for blank columns is inserted automatically, the app can be terminated during processing with the ESC key.


Autodesk® AutoCAD® block is great, and the Excel worksheet autofill is also marvelous. Why don't we combine them?

NTLC Soft apps are designed to use both of these great features in one place.  With our package, you can:

1. Batch create block references with attributes/dynamic properties read from an Excel worksheet. Each worksheet column can be set corresponding to an attribute tag; each worksheet row text data corresponds to a block reference attributes values.

2. Batch query existing block references position, attributes, and dynamic properties from one or multi drawings; edit in Excel and then re-import those edited values into AutoCAD.

3. Additional utilities: Batch query Civil 3D® alignment station, offset / northing, easting, bearing values; Reverse 2D polyline direction.


The typical workflow is:

 Draft works:

  • Prepare a list of structures with positional data, descriptions, and comments in Excel.
  • Batch creates attribute block references from Excel.

 Refined works:

  • Manually edit block references in AutoCAD if necessary;
  • Batch export block references' attributes, and positional data to Excel;
  • Convert coordinates value to the station, offset, and vice-versa if necessary;
  • Edit attributes, positional data, and dynamic properties in Excel if necessary;
  • Update existing block references with data from Excel;



1. For more information about how to use every single app in the package, please refer to NTCL Soft website or NTCL published apps

2. User can use this App package with:

(a) A simple signing-in parent Autodesk application with a valid Autodesk ID that did the purchase.  In this way, the user can run this App package from any computer, provided that an internet connection is available; or

(b) An offline license file, which is physical computer hardware dependent. After purchasing, please run this app, open the About... panel, and manually copy & send your registration info to the NTCL support email For more details, please refer to the License registration Guide.

3. While waiting for a new/renewed license file, this app still runs with full functions. For first-time license purchases, App can work for a 30-day without Signing-in to an Autodesk account.

4. Renew subscription: For a renewed license purchase, a signing-in Autodesk account is required until an offline license file is sent to the user.

5. For purchasing a volume of 50 or more licenses, assuming that all PCs work in the same local domain network, a specific domain-based license may be distributed instead of an individual license if required and such a domain-based license is technically feasible.

6. The single app version can still work with Paid package App.  Please manually uninstall a single app version if necessary.

7. App launched from a virtual machine will limit some features. Users will get a message if this app is launched from a virtual machine.


バージョン, 2023/01/12
Bugs fixed: (a) Batch export/import block info to/from worksheet sub-App: - Parent application crashes when run in Multi-file processing mode without an opening drawing. - Attributes do not move/ rotate properly together with block references; - Dynamic properties do not export in some cases; (b) Batch attribute block ref. creation from worksheet sub-App - Fix the bugs when merged cells appear in the Excel selection range, only the upper left cell of the merged area has value; Improvements: (a) Batch export/import block info to/from worksheet sub-App: - Add an option "Single worksheet" for Multi-file processing mode to combine all drawing files and export results in one worksheet. Best fit for single sheet drawings title block; (b) Batch attribute block ref. creation from worksheet sub-App - Add an option for creating Dynamic block references with up to 12 Dynamic properties read from Excel columns; - Add an option for cloning fields from an existing field attribute block reference to other block references; - Users can now create different block types in one click. Block names are also retrieved from an Excel Column; - Add a button to delete block references, filtered by block name; - Add an option to create multi-block references by X, and Y coordinates, through all Layouts (except Model space); - Add an option to declare a universal block scale before creation; - Add an option to show External reference in the block name drop-down list;


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