JTB Batch Change Trial

JTB Batch Change Trial

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JTB Batch Change brings the Autodesk® AutoCAD® ActiveX Object Model to your command via Excel design spreadsheets.


With Batch Rename Objects you can rename layers in hundreds of drawing by substituting the text "Concrete" with "CONC" or adding a prefix of "AC " to each layer's name.


With Batch Find and Replace you can find and replace text on multiple drawings.


You can import and update all blocks from a standard drawing to hundreds of other drawings.


You can replace all inserted blocks "DOOR-BD3" in layer "Archs" with block "DOOR-AC1", and move them to layer "ARCH-FURN"


You can change all texts whose styles are not prefixed with "ELEC" to the "ELEC Standard" style, then change all block's attributes whose tag is "DATE" to the current date.


You can convert all your inserted blocks from dynamic to static, or to anonymous blocks.


You can flatten all your drawing objects by setting all Z coordinates to 0.


Batch change drawing properties.


Batch change attribute tags in title blocks and retain values. 


Batch Change layers and their properties on many drawings. 


Additionally, you can perform Batch Audits and Purges as well as much more.


When done with batch processing you can see what has been processed in the log.


This is a great tool in the hands of AutoCAD users or CAD managers.


You can use the JTB Batch Change trial license for evolution and educational purpose only.


Purchase is available here as well as more details on the main app page.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).


You can use JTB Batch Change trial license 30 days after first usage for evolution and educational purpose only. 


版本 2.6.0, 2023/4/19
Added support for AutoCAD 2024



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