SmartDraft View Tools Trial

SmartDraft View Tools Trial

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SmartDraft View Tools included:

Tools to twist and save views:

*   View Twist: Twist the view so two selected points in the drawing become parallel to the bottom of the screen.

*   View Twist to 0: Twist the view so north is pointing directly up.

*   View All: Restore a view saved with the View Save All command.

*   View Save All: Save a separate view for model space, in a layout tab, in each viewport window. Use View All to restore the saved views.

Tools to modify the crosshair angle:

*   Crosshairs Horizontal to Screen: Rotate the crosshairs to be parallel with the bottom of the screen.

*   Crosshairs to 0: Rotate the crosshairs to point in a northerly direction.

*   Crosshairs Align to Object: Align crosshairs parallel to a selected line or polyline.

Tools to create and manage viewports:

*   Viewport Make: Create a viewport by specifying a rectangular area in the model space.

*   Viewport Zoom: Viewport zoom setup by selecting the viewport frame.

*   Viewport Divide: Divide a viewport vertically or horizontally.

*   Viewport Align: Align selected viewports' content to a source viewport.

*   Viewport Move: Move the contents of a viewport vertically or horizontally by a given interval.


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This 30-day trial is a fully functional version of the View Tools. See SmartDraft view Tools to purchase them.

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This is a 30 day trial version.


版本 24.0.1, 2024/3/28
Version 24.0.1 released - 3/28/2024. * Supports for Civil 3D® and AutoCAD® 2020-2025.



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  • Useful tools
    Joe Sorace | 五月 06, 2013 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    If you are looking for useful tools which expand the functionality of Autodesk Civil product line, SmartDraft is for you. We use their survey product line and love it, powerful yet simple. Check SmartDraft out for yourself. Joe