SmartDraft Construction Notes Tools Trial.

SmartDraft Construction Notes Tools Trial.

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Add a construction note or a construction notes list.
The command uses a construction note file (.cnm) created by the Construction Notes Manager command.

Construction Notes automates the process of placing construction notes and creating a construction notes table or list. Use reference symbol only, leaders with reference symbol, multiple leaders with reference symbol, leaders with text, or leader, reference symbol, and text. Once the construction note reference symbols are placed, a construction notes table can be created from the symbols.

A construction notes file can be associated with one drawing or a full project of drawings. The construction notes table can be limited to only notes from reference symbols that appear within selected viewports.

When creating a construction notes file, there is no limit to the length of the note. When the table is created, the note with word wrap is within the table. The width of the table can be changed once the table is created. If a set of drawings is associated with a construction notes file, all the construction notes tables can be updated in each drawing automatically.

Reference symbols and/or construction notes can be placed by selecting them from a list, or if the numbering is known reference symbols can be placed using the SmartDraft Leader commands with the Reference Symbol option enabled.

The reference symbol text can be modified as needed.

Information: Only a single construction notes file can be associated with a drawing. Multiple categories are used within the notes file to enable multiple note lists.


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版本 24.0.1, 2024/3/28
Version 24.0.1 released - 3/28/2024. * Supports for AutoCAD® 2020-2025.



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