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MGtools is a toolset made especially for Autodesk® Maya® character animators. These tools have been designed and tested in production by an animator, for animators. Our goal is to greatly increase your efficiency and workflow speed so that you can spend more time focusing on creating your best acting performance. MGtools is a combination of Mel, Python and C++ plug-ins, but you don't have to worry about compatibility within your Maya scene as MGtools won't create any custom nodes. It is designed for general animation workflows and will function in harmony with any animation rig.


Main features:

  • All tools come with no custom nodes, all features implemented from the vanilla Maya.
  • AnimRescue, a plugin to enable real-time background animation and constraint backup, and automatical/manual restoring when Maya quitted unexpectedly without saving the scene.
  • Different kinds of snap tools enable you to plant your foot intuitively with the global world control moving, or to mimic parent constraints with keyframes, etc.
  • MG-PoseAnim Library to build up your own pose and animation library.
  • MG-AssetLibrary to build up your own asset library, organize them in different categories, and quickly reference, import or open them.
  • MG-ChannelBox for quick keyframing and constraining, etc, almost all frequent operation during the animating process are accessible in its marking menus.
  • SelectionSet tool to store and reuse selection information to speed up the selecting process.
  • Cam2DViewer: A tool that Pans/zooms in/out camera view in a real 2D manner without affecting the general camera animation, and it is easy to reset the view to its unchanged state.
  • Path tracker tool draws curve and key ticks, which helps to track a transform node either in world space or camera space.
  • ViewSet tool help switch between different view configuration, like switching from hiding curves and shows geometries to show curves and geometries, etc.
  • Pivot tools to move the pivot without popping while animating.
  • All kinds of animation import, export, copy, paste tool across difference scenes, like MG-AnimationBank, AnimPose/Constraint Copy/Paste tools.
  • Folder and file shortcuts for quick directory and file/program access.
  • MG-Shelf, which is an enhanced shelf used to store your custom scripts and tools.
  • KeyframeTools, a set of tools to help improve the keyframing efficiency and boost the productivity.
  • GraphEditor plugins install small buttons in Graph-Editor, which speed up the keyframing and editing process.
  • A set of other tools in minitoolbox, including inserting hierarchy, keyframe prober, MG-Saver, Reference toolbox, stick control to viewport or creating a sticky view, TimerAncCalculator, EfficientUndo/Redo, etc.
  • Most of tools are able to set hotkey in config panel, full, detailed document and videos are available for every tools.


MGToolsPro provides 20 days full-featured trial. When the trial period expires, some of the features are locked up yet other features stay available.

Installer supports Maya 2014 to 2018 version. If you require previous versions, please download them here.

Informace o této verzi

Verze 3.1.0, 22.01.2018
- Supports Maya 2018 on Windows, Linux and MacOS. - Fix autoloading UI not showing up issue when using floating license. - Refine MG-Picker Studio launcher in MGTools, add manual pick up feature. - Fix the toggle on/off all layer feature in MG-ChannelBox. - Fix the sync timeSlider feature when MG-ChannelBox UI is reopened. - Some other minor fix / improvements.

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