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AdvancedSkeleton5 is a collection of tools for Autodesk® Maya® doing character setup.

Main Features:

  • -Unlimited body configurations, 3 heads, 5 legs, 100 fingers, & anything goes. 
  • -Not only creatures, but can also rig props, vehicles, and just about anything.  
  • -You can at any time go back to the FitSkeleton, make any changes, and rebuild. 
  • -SelectorDesigner, tool that lets you easily create custom `Selector` user interfaces. 
  • -AnimationLibrary, tool for storing and retrieving poses and animation. 
  • -FaceSetup allows quick setup of both realistic and cartoony faces.


Free for non-commercial use, students and independent film makers.

Informace o této verzi

Verze 5.812, 12.05.2021
- Scene Z-up Maya-setting support added - FKIKSwitch rigs with NameSpace toe align issue, fix - ConnectARKit on referenced-in rigs with arKit-ctrl issue, fix - CorrectiveControls on rigs with no existing DS issue, fix - ModelCleaner on objects with intermidiateMeshes issue, fix - FaceRig with no bodyRig, rebuild issue, fix - Adding DrivingSystem with "use Existing Controller" issue, fix - curveGuide mixed with DrivingSystem e.g dragon issue, fix - GameEngine FaceSetup disables Mixed rigType - Tongue part of a seperate innerMouth mesh issue, fix - FaceBuild where main mesh`s double3 type attrs locked, fix - Move red skinCurves to deformationWidth can overshoot, fix - DrivingSystem for CustomControllers on Face mirror issue, fix - adding WorldOrient FitAttribute to Root issue, fix - ReBuild Face with Custom Added DrivingSystems issue, fix - ModelCleaner objectSets issue, fix - UnrealJoint TransferSkinning with 2 twistJoints issue, fix - BipedGame FitSkeleton changes to better match UnrealMannequin - zip lips behaviours asymmetrical issue fix

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  • 谢谢
    Aalo Xs | května 26, 2020 Ověřené stažení (Co je to?)


  • useful
    Vahagn Gaifejian | října 19, 2015

    good tool, but difficult to find tutorials

  • awesome
    Vahagn Gayfejyan | října 14, 2015

    much better than anzovin

  • great tool
    Vahagn Tarakhchyan | srpna 18, 2015 Ověřené stažení (Co je to?)

    very easy to use and great result, thank to developers

  • Why is the price so high?!
    Alex Yarbrough | září 01, 2014

    Excuse me but why did you make it so only companies and AAA studios can only use it? For god's sake can't you truly show some respect and love for the Autodesk community and set an affordable price please! It is not fair to be isolated to non-commercial use then you expect a donation instead of making an affordable license with less strings attached. I assure you if you were to make your terms fair for the community everyone here will love you! Believe me!

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