Rigger 2

Rigger 2




Rigger includes the most essential tools for fast and efficient 3d character setup in Autodesk® Maya®.

Rigging is one of the most important steps in creating animations. Rigger contains all the necessary elements for the creation of fast and convenient rigs.

These functions are available to users with any experience. With the help of Rigger you can create a skeleton and controllers for characters of any type.

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Version 2.2.0, 31.01.2018
Added: Biped Auto Rig Template; Added: New FK Options (Parent Joint, Hide Joint) Added: New IK Spline Options (Create FK Controllers); Added: 3 IK Solvers (Two-Bone, Multi-Chain, Spring); Fixed: Split Joint Reset Settings; Added: Convert to Geo Group Menu; Added: Select Tip Joints Menu; Various Improvements.

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