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The vastSolver is an Autodesk® Maya® plugin that lets you convert any vertex animation into a skin weights and joints animation. The main use is to compress mesh animations, such as a blendshape-driven animation or a cloth/muscle simulation, for use in the game engines.



Now, you can existing joints skeleton and animation to solve for skin weights only. For example, you use vastSolver to convert Proximity Wrap Deformer results to skin weights. 

Also, you can use the existing joints skeleton and skinning weights and solve for joints animation only. A skeleton and weights do not have to be produced by vastSolver - it works for any joints hierarchy. 


The vastSolver comes with a compact GUI that lets you set basic parameters (such as a maximum number of joints) and two additional controls to fine-tune solving. Also, a Maya command is provided: there is a User Guide that contains command documentation.


On a technical note, the solver implements an iterative algorithm that searches for the best approximation of a vertex animation. The solver is robust to a non-uniform deformation (e.g. when a portion of the mesh does not have any deformation). The solver implements a custom solving strategy with the goal of the best results for fewer joints. For this purpose, it features Laplacian smooth skin weights regularization. The user can fine-tune parameters of Skin Regularization to get better results or to produce skin weights that resemble hand-painted weights.


By default, the solver solves for translations and rotations of joints. The user can choose to solve for joints scaling. This usually improves results.


The plugin comes with a User Guide and a test scene.


Demo video:


License Activation Process

To activate the vastSolver plugin follow these steps:

  1. After the purchase is completed you will immediately receive a product key by email;
  2. Enter your email address (associated with your Autodesk App Store account) and the product key in the vastSolver activation window;
  3. Generate and copy a response key;
  4. Go to and paste the response key to get an activation code;
  5. Enter the activation code in vastSolver activation window and press Activate.


The product key can be used to install the plugin on up to 2 personal devices.



We offer a commerce license for 3 or more seats. For more information contact



The tool is in use in Treyarch, Kojima Productions, PCF, Respawn Entertainment, Capcom ...

Acerca de esta versión

Versión 2.3.0, 19/05/2023
- Maya 2024 plugin version

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  • Will there be updates w/new versions of Maya? When will you release a version for 2023?
    Spencer Alexander | marzo 24, 2023

    Have not tried it yet, but interested.

  • easy install. easy to use
    S J | abril 28, 2021 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    developer responsive to inquiries

  • Great!
    Marc Felico | julio 10, 2020 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    PErfect, plugin for a convert ncloth simulations to joints and so can export to unreal engine. Congrats!

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