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Picker Builder is a python script for Autodesk® Maya®, which allows to maximally automate the creation of a picker for characters of any complexity.

Picker Builder consists of two parts - Picker Builder and Picker Viewer.
The Picker Viewer is free. You can edit an already existing picker in it.
Picker Builder - generates the picker directly.  Demo version allows generating picker 10 times. 

Full version - picker-builder.com 


Picker Builder : 

  • analyzes rig structure,
  • recognizes body and face parts,
  • finds fingers controls,
  • renders character silhouette,
  • generates selection sets by forward-inverse kinematic attributes.

Informazioni sulla versione

Versione 1.365, 13/09/2021
Support Maya 2022, faster analyze, added reload buttons, fixed bugs

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