Rokoko Studio Live Plugin

Rokoko Studio Live Plugin

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Rokoko Studio is a powerful and intuitive software for recording, visualizing and exporting motion capture.

This plugin lets you stream animation data from Rokoko Studio into Autodesk® Maya® to preview and work with all your motion capture data easily and intuitively.



  1. Maya 2020 or higher
  2. Rokoko Studio or Rokoko Studio Legacy (download here: Rokoko Studio Download)



  1. Live stream data:
    1. Up to five actors that can all include both body, face (52 blendshapes), and finger data at the same time.
    2. Camera data
    3. Props data
  2. Control Rokoko Studio from within Maya 

 Maya Demo project including a character already set up for live streaming from Rokoko Studio: 

Informazioni sulla versione

Versione 1.1.0, 08/08/2023
Initial release

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