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dkAnimErwin - Animation Import & Export Tool



Thanks to Daniel Kramer for creating dkAnim tool 15 years ago! It is an awesome tool for exporting and importing animation that has worked in all scenarios I have found myself in. There were a few simple features I found I really wanted/needed in the tool, so back in 2011, I dove into the code and added them! Since then, I have been using my version of the tool. Now I want to share my additions with others! Hope you like it!

Find more details on the tool's features here:

Here are some bullet point addition/changes I made to the original script


Loading Bar!!
Added loading/progress bar when importing and exporting animation dkanim files! This way you get an idea that it is doing something and, you can get an idea of how much longer it could possibly take before it’s finished.

  • ESCAPE!!
    You can escape out of the import or export process when the loading bar is present.

Elapse Time
Prints for elapse time taken to import and export a file, as well as the time the process started and ended.

  • Scene Unit
    Added support for writing current scene unit preference setting data to file upon export and temporarily set scene unit preference setting upon import of animation (and restoring original scene unit setting after import is complete).
  • *.dkanim File type
    Using *.dkanim as a file filter type for the file browser when importing and exporting animation files.
  • File Browser Start Directory
    When importing and exporting; Added start directory to support current file path.

  • Auto File Type Extension
    When defining export file: The *.dkanim file type extension is not needed to be given, it is auto generated for you.

Prevent Bad Imports
On import: Prompt user of first object that does NOT exist in scene. Ask to continue or cancel import job. In an attempt to make sure objects trying to import onto exist and to prompt user of issue before trying to import to nothing.

  • Import with warnings
    During import: Added warnings for when attributes are skipped when they do not exist to allow import to finish on all other valid/existing attributes.


バージョン 0.980, 2019/07/30
Initial release of modified script with features: * Progress bar * Check and prompt if objects exist * Escape out of process * Print elapse time taken to do import/export * conserve scene unit * Smarter more convenient starting directory for file browser when defining file path * Added warning of attributes that were skipped in the process. * Updated Channel Scope Window Layout Code


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  • Help!
    Kate Moon | 7月 04, 2023 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    Hi! Does this tool work with Maya 2023? I've installed it but it is not appearing on my custom shelf. Thank you!

    David Saber | 1月 16, 2024

    you need to update the xml file

  • It's working perfectly
    gopi krishnan | 11月 23, 2018 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)


    It would be great If I get this tool for Linux.

    Also, I would like to request that need option for export non-keyable channels with animation. It's very useful for everyone. Please consider this in next update.

    Please release this tool for Linux as well.














    Dan Erwin (公開元) | 11月 27, 2018

    Hi Gopi! I'm stoked this tool is working out for you like it has for me! It is written in MEL so it should theoretically work for Linux already I just don't have a Linux machine to test it on. Email me if you are willing to help confirm this and I can re-submit the app!: Also, the tool already handles exporting the non-keyed channels. You just have to use the checkbox when importing the animation that says "Load Un-Keyed Attributes". I had written up more info about this and more about the tool here: Thanks again! Hope it helps! God bless!