Spatial Reality Display Plugin for Preview (Maya®)

Spatial Reality Display Plugin for Preview (Maya®)

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View your 3DCG created by Autodesk® Maya® with Spatial Reality Display.


What is Spatial Reality Display Plugin for Preview for Maya?

Spatial Reality Display Plugin for Preview is a plug-in application that allows you to view 3D data created with Maya on Spatial Reality Display.


User Benefit

Viewing 3D data as spatial image makes it possible to check the quality of modeling and animation in motion graphics in high degree of accuracy. This leads to increased efficiency and quality in the production process.


Use case

・Checking 3D data in production process (modeling, animation and so on.)

・Design review and presentation 



Viewer: Change any viewport panel’s renderer to "Sony SR Display" to start displaying content in real time on the Special Reality Display.

Camera setting: Set camera position for optimal display in Spatial Reality Display

Spatial Clipping: Clip the front plane of the SRD view space

Actual Size: Display the model at actual size in Spatial Reality Display.

Operation of 3DCG Display: Change the position, angle, etc. of the displayed model according to the operation guide.



• Depending on the data, it may take a certain amount of time for any changes.

• Separate Spatial Reality Display connection required.



The user needs to install the application “Spatial Reality Display Installer” from the link. (X.X.X.XXXXX is the version of software) 



What is Spatial Reality Display?

Spatial Reality Display is a display that allow users to view high-definition 3D data with naked eye without use of glasses or headsets. It is characterized by the ability to view images in accordance with changes in viewpoint regardless of the viewing angle, providing a spatial image experience that makes object appear as if they were actually there. A high-speed vision sensor at the top of the display detects the position of the face of the person viewing the screen and a real-time rendering algorithm is used to generate images optimized for spatial viewing in real time. When you control the 3D data being displayed, you can do intuitively by using a keyboard, mouse, or compatible game controller.


Spatial Reality display product page

 *Product may not be available in all countries or regions.


Spatial Reality display introduction video


For use the software, you will need Maya licenses, this plug-in application, Spatial Reality Display and PC that meets the requirement. Please refer to  Instruction Manual for details. 


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).


バージョン 2.1.2024, 2024/06/26
Supported Maya 2025 & bug fixes


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