Smooth mesh node (paid version)

Smooth mesh node (paid version)



How to smooth an animated mesh in Autodesk® Maya®? Use this Maya plugin which contains a single Maya node deformer to smooth any mesh or rigs. This is not a subdivision and the smoothing will not change or alter your mesh topology or vertex count. Smoothing is fast since it is implemented with the C++ Maya API. You can also paint the area where the smoothing is applied. Some of the smoothing options will also allow you to preserve the initial angle of the edges while smoothing. Smoothing can be applied after a skin cluster node to tweak and enhance the final skinning.

Runs on Maya 2018 to 2023.

Сведения об этой версии

Версия 1.0.4, 09.09.2022
- Support for Maya 2022 and 2023 - Re-wording some UI element to (hopefully) make it clearer to the user. (especially warning related to file saving/loading - Bug fix: node was not properly initialized when: opening file & plugin not pre loaded & license unactivated.

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  • Great tool, works as intended
    Edvin Gammelsæter | сентября 08, 2020 Проверенная загрузка (Что это такое?)

    Works smoothly with Maya 2018

    Christian Stark (Разработчик) | сентября 09, 2020

    Thank you for the kind words, it's always appreciated :)