ExoSwitch Constraint Trial

ExoSwitch Constraint Trial



For years, traditional constraints have been used to create animation rigs for 3D characters. These unidirectional constraints force Character Technical Directors to deliver rigs into the pipeline with that single direction limitation built-in. This paradigm has proven to be quite limiting in the scope of the complex animations and characters required in film and games today. As Animators ask for more features to pose and interface with their characters, the Character Technical Director community has had to maintain multiple complicated rigs, each designed to accommodate a specific shot or sequence. This is where the ExoSwitch Constraint system shows its versatility.


The ExoSwitch Constraint is by nature bi-directional, built to give the user the ability to determine "direction" on the fly. To remove the problem of delivering a character into the pipeline in a pre-determined state, the constraint fully supports animating the drivers of the system. Using masks, the constraint itself can be configured on the fly giving unprecedented versatility and simplicity to the Character Technical Director and Animator.


The plug-in is a complete copy of the commercial product and it will run for 30 days before the license expires.


版本 1.1.0, 2020/9/25
-Fixed selection update bug that was making objects pop when animation was present. -Improved performances in scenes with a lot of ESC. -Improved workflow for IK/FK switching.



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