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This app was created to open up the endless possibilities of wipeouts. The user creates a silhouette of a 2D object using the "Silhouette" and "Polyline" options included in the BNH command.


The silhouette is then isolated from an edit layer. The user can then edit the silhouette as necessary to prepare it for transformation into wipeout/wipeouts.


Once the polylines have been sliced and prepared appropriately, the user selects the "Wipeout" option of the BNH main menu to transform them into wipeouts.


The wipeouts are created on a layer called "BNH Wipeout Layer. Wipeout with arcs/bulges is accepted.


There is a "Layer on" option that will turn all of the layers on and finally the "block" option will create a block and automatically send the wipeouts behind the original objects.

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Verze 1.0.1, 8.12.2017
Added 2017 and 2018 support (no change in version number)

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  • Excellent Tool, Saves Time
    Hugo Flores | října 16, 2018 Ověřené stažení (Co je to?)

    This is an incredibly useful tool. A colleague informed me about this tool and after I bought a copy, I use frequently. I use it a lot to create a wipeout of an object without having to trace or create a pline and then convert.

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