Loads toolbar functions to insert electrical blocks.  This app includes electrical blocks for lighting, receptacle and fire alarm.  Users may customize or build to suit their needs later on.


This package includes three toolbars, 238 icons and 76 electrical light fixtures, receptacle and fire alarm blocks.


This app contains many useful macros for placing blocks in AutoCAD®, based on the working annotation scale, which will rotate attributes in a block after placing then from a toolbar, many focused towards electrical design but can be suited for many disciplines. Three sample toolbars have been provided that be used immediately. These toolbars may be customized using the CUI interface within AutoCAD.


One of the functions in these macros that will ask the user for an attribute when placing the first block, and place that block, with the attribute entered, in an unlimited number of positions and locations, till the function is cancelled.  This is very useful when placing light fixtures with visible tags.  The attribute tag will be relayed to each block inserted during this macro and will be rotated to zero degrees.  When placing fire alarm devices with visible tags, a single fixed attribute can be passed to a function which will also rotate the text to zero degrees.  All macros are useful for fire alarm and light fixture or any blocks which require visible attribute tags to be rotated to zero degrees after placing them in a drawing file.


Starter toolbars and electrical icons will also be provided.

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Version 1.1.0, 12.04.2016

Enhanced functions and more help descriptions.  The electrical blocks and icons in this package are what makes it most expensive, but I have reduced the price to share these great electrical tools which significantly increase productivity.

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  • lol USD 225.00
    Gerardo Faustin | Oktober 06, 2015

    ready now

    James Boone (Herausgeber) | Oktober 07, 2015

    I updated price as I have been wanting to do for some time and have a new version that will work in Acad version 2017. Blocks and over 200 icons drove this price up.

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